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Effective Home Automation

When you go away on vacation, you don't want to have to worry about whether you left the lights on or if a door is unlocked. ARMOR Smart Security and Automation, LLC provides an extremely convenient home automation system that allows you to monitor your house, turn off lights, and even lock doors.

All our systems connect to

Amazon Echo and Google Home

Door Lock

Home Automation Done Right

ARMOR Smart Security and Automation, LLC's home automation system can help improve electricity management in your house. If you forgot to turn a light off or want to lower your heat when no one's in the house, you can do it remotely with this convenient service. You can even have your lights turn on automatically when you get home. Our amazing automated door lock allows people to enter your home if they need to, and you can use codes to track who's coming and going.

We provide a no-hassle installation, as well as training on using this great product. We will integrate your home automation system into your alarm panel, but you can also access your system with a mobile device. Our surveillance cameras allow you to see inside and outside of your home. ARMOR Smart Security and Automation, LLC's pricing is done through packages or bids, depending on your needs.